Golfers regularly complain of tight chest muscles and reduced flexibility in the torso as well as strained shoulders and a sore back. 

Golfers often bend and twist, bend and twist— causing strain to their backs and shoulders, which leads to muscle imbalances and injuries.

Incorporating Pilate’s movements and stretching into a golfer’s exercise program may increase freedom of movement, build core strength, enhance performance and reduce risk of injury.

We guide golfers to increase their range of motion and torso strength to enable them to perform a superior swing

Pilates strengthens the core, increases flexibility and builds stability

Increased overall strength and a strengthened core lead to a reduction in injuries.

Increased flexibility, mobility and rotation- By improving flexibility in your torso and

hips you will be able to perform a more powerful drive with further distance.

Keeping your body flexible is crucial for golfers.

Posture improves. A golfer’s healthy posture includes full-body strength, flexibility and continued muscle balance.

Improved concentration.

Improve power and distance through increased hip and torso flexibility.

Strengthened core muscles are vital to improve your golf swing and raise your power when you hitting the ball.

It strengthens your back muscles which result in reduced back pain after a round of golf.

When these muscles are stronger you will experience a smoother powerful swing

Pilates strengthens and protects the spine from injuries.

An increased range of motion will be experienced in the hips, shoulders, forearms

& wrists allowing optimal back swing and follow-through.

Rotational strength and speed is improved.

A balanced, flexible and strong body is the foundation a serious golfer needs to take his game to the next level.

Note: it is important to stretch and warm up before playing a game of golf.