Please keep in mind Pilates workouts should be combined with a balanced diet & a bit of cardio

  After 10 Pilates classes....

  • Your joints seem less stiff as you are lubricating joints and doing stretches
  • Improvement in posture as you stand taller and you are able to hold in your abdominal muscles
  • You will determine which parts of your body are stronger
  • Your abdominal muscles are gradually firming up although you might not be able to see this as yet
  • Experience increased flexibility and core stability
  • Neck and shoulder tension should ease

   After 20 sessions....

  • Firmer muscles and a more toned appearance
  • Your stomach will begin to appear flatter as you are strengthening your abdominals
  • From getting used to stretching you will experience that your spine is more supple
  • Peeling off your spine from the mat becomes easier
  • You are probably able to touch your toes easier during exercises
  • Your balance and co-ordination has improved

  • After 30 sessions you will experience the following
  • You are toning flabby muscles and stretching out bulky muscles
  • You feel more relaxed
  • Your upper body is more toned and your buttocks firmer
  • You will feel that your clothes fit you better and may have dropped a dress size
  • When your body improves so does your self confidence
  • You alignment will have improved